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Everglades Adventures offers Public Waters Alligator hunting during Florida's statewide alligator harvest program from August 15th through November 1st of each year. Permits and tags are issued for a designated area during a specific harvest period.

We conduct these hunts on harvest units located in Southern Florida including Lake Okeechobee and the Florida Everglades depending on areas drawn for permits. The areas we specialize in are #406 (STA-5), #601 (Lake Okeechobee WEST), #604 (Lake Okeechobee SOUTH) and #404 (Everglades WMA-WCA-3A). These hunts are only conducted during specific harvest periods designated by the state.

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On this hunt we harvest the first two alligators over seven feet located. The client has the option of passing on any alligator in search of a larger one. This hunt can be customized for different individuals. It would be necessary to contact us to discuss pricing for different hunts. These hunts are conducted on a LIMITED BASIS.

We also offer our services in exchange for the alligators harvested during the hunt at no cost to the client.

We are the parent company of Alligators Inc., a state licensed and inspected alligator processing company. Our facility is inspected and permitted through the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and is HACCP compliant. We are also licensed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission as a state processor. This assures your alligator will be processed with the highest standards.

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Alligator hunting requires the use of CITES (Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Species) tags issued by the US Fish and Wildlife Service to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for use in their Alligator program. Many wildlife species in trade are not endangered, but the existence of an agreement to ensure the sustainability of the trade is important to safeguard these resources for the future.

It is a requirement that a CITES tag is placed in the tail of ALL alligators harvested.

One hunter must be a licensed trapper (WITH HIS OWN PERMIT) and the other person (guest) must be licensed as a state agent trapper (only) if planning to PARTICIPATE in any harvest. This $50.00 agents’ license is a requirement for each person participating in the harvest of alligators with you.

How we Hunt Swamp Lizards:

Legal public alligator hunting hours in the state of Florida are from 5 pm to 10 am (all night). Weapons used for public waters hunts are compound bow, re-curve bow, crossbow or harpoon for the initial shot and a bang stick for the harvest. If using a bow, you should have a minimum of thirty-five pounds draw weight and should be rigged with a bow fishing reel attachment with a retrieval line of 200-pound test minimum. Firearms are not permitted on Public waters hunts.

Hunters should wear dark clothing on the airboats as light-colored clothing reflects light.

Once located, the alligator must be tagged by harpoon with a line attached with a float or shot with a bow equipped with a fishing rig. Fishing rods with a treble hook attached is another method. The alligator must have a line attached prior to harvest. Once the alligator is tagged with the line, he must be harvested with a bang stick. We use a 357 magnum for the smaller gators and a 44 magnum for the larger ones.

We have all necessary equipment available for any of our alligator hunts. The use of any of our equipment is included in the hunt and is offered at no additional charge.

We provide bottled water and soft drinks on all our hunts. We also supply any ice for the hunt as well as any additional ice for your coolers to pack your meat. We recommend a large ice cooler (60 quart or larger).

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The Hunt:

1 night of hunting for 2 people:

$750.00 per night

No Trophy fees for Public Hunts

Call Tyler Reichman for Details: (863) 599-0086

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        Skinning for Leather and Head Taxidermy: $20/foot

        Skinning for Full Body or Rug Mount: $25/foot


We have ice and cold storage available to our clients. Your alligator will need to be iced down and stored for 24 hours prior to processing. We also supply any ice for the hunt as well as any additional ice for your coolers to pack your meat. We recommend clients bring a large ice cooler (60 qt. or bigger).

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We update all our recent adventures with pictures of our clients and their adventures with us. Please visit the Everglades Adventures Facebook Page and be sure to LIKE US.

We utilize TripAdvisor for client reviews of our services. This offers clients the ability to read unedited reviews of previous clients written by the clients themselves about their recent adventures with us. Please view the Everglades Adventures TripAdvisor reviews.

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We require a 100% (one hundred percent) deposit to confirm your reservation. Payments can be made by cash, personal or business check, traveler's check, cashier's check, or money order. Checks should be made payable to EVERGLADES ADVENTURES. The deposits are non-refundable but are transferable within the current season as scheduling permits. Thirty (30) day advance notice of cancellation is required.

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