Embark on Thrilling Seminole Whitetail Hunting Adventures in South Florida

Discover the Unique Seminole Whitetail Subspecies

At Everglades Adventures, we specialize in Seminole Whitetail hunting, offering an incredibly unique hunting experience in South Florida. The Seminole Whitetail (O.v. Seminolus) is known for its distinctive characteristics, including an average weight of 125 lbs. to 160 lbs., a shoulder height of 36", chocolate-colored antlers, and a unique hide color. Hunting this subspecies is a remarkable addition to any whitetail collection.

Fair Chase Guided Hunts on Free-Range Lands

We pride ourselves on providing strictly fair chase hunts on open lands, offering a genuine hunting experience for our clients. Everglades Adventures does not operate any high-fenced areas or engage in canned hunts. Our free-range Seminole Whitetail hunts are conducted through spot and stalk methods, either from 4WD vehicles or on foot. We do not offer tree stand hunting, ensuring an exciting and dynamic hunting adventure.

High Success Rates and Limited Hunts

With a commitment to quality and success, we have maintained a 100% success rate for the past seven years. To ensure personalized attention and optimal hunting conditions, our Seminole Whitetail hunts are limited to two hunters per hunt. This exclusive approach allows us to deliver exceptional hunting experiences for our clients.

Licensing and Seasons

To participate in Seminole Whitetail hunts, hunting licenses are required for both residents and non-residents of Florida. This includes a Hunting License ($17.00 for yearly residents, $46.50 for non-residents with a 10-day license), a Deer Permit ($5.00 for residents or non-residents), and specific permits (Archery, Crossbow, or Muzzleloader) if hunting during those seasons. Detailed information on licensing requirements, costs, and purchasing options can be found on the Florida Fish and Wildlife website. Season dates can also be accessed on the website, with Everglades Adventures located in Zone "A".

Management Hunts and Inclusions

Our Seminole Whitetail hunts are structured as full-day experiences, lasting approximately four hours in the morning, followed by a hearty lunch, and four more hours in the afternoon and evening. The hunts include drinks, ice, on-site lodging options (an additional $150.00 per person, including meals), and skinning and quartering of animals. Each client will receive two hams, two shoulders, two tenderloins, and two back loins.

Preparation and What to Bring

To ensure a successful and comfortable hunting trip, we recommend bringing camouflage clothing in a dark green pattern such as Mossy Oak Full Foliage, waterproof knee-high hiking boots, a soft case for your firearm (recommended 30 caliber or higher rifles), and a cooler for taxidermy-bound deer. Additionally, a still or video camera is encouraged to capture your memorable moments in the outdoors.

Contact Us for Seminole Whitetail Hunting Details

For further information and to discuss the details of our Seminole Whitetail hunts, please reach out to Tom Falls at (239) 633-5871. Tom will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information to plan your hunting adventure with Everglades Adventures. Embark on an Unforgettable Seminole Whitetail Hunting Adventure. Come and experience the thrill of Seminole Whitetail hunting in South Florida with Everglades Adventures. Our commitment to fair chase, personalized service, and exceptional hunting opportunities ensures an unforgettable outdoor excursion. Be sure to visit our Facebook page for updates and client photos, as well as our TripAdvisor page for unedited reviews from our satisfied clients. Contact us today to begin planning your Seminole Whitetail hunting adventure.

Please Note:

We require the guide fee portion for the deposit to confirm your reservation. The deposit is non-refundable but is transferable as scheduling permits. Thirty-day advance notice of cancellation is required. Payments can be made by cash, personal or business check, traveler's check, cashier's check, or money order. Checks should be made payable to: EVERGLADES ADVENTURES.

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