Guided hunting trips offer a unique outdoor adventure, allowing both novice and experienced hunters to explore nature under the guidance of expert locals. 

These excursions not only increase the chances of a successful hunt but also ensure safety and ethical hunting practices. Participants learn about wildlife habits, tracking, and the proper use of equipment, making guided hunts an enriching experience that deepens one’s respect for the natural world.

Join Everglades Adventures for premier guided hunts in South Florida. Experience Osceola turkey hunts, Seminole whitetail Deer, Alligator, and more.

Whitetail Deer.

My heart starts begins to race as a whitetail deer steps in front of me. It’s a tingling sensation. It does not matter if its the first time or if you’ve been hunting for years; the thrill of the hunt is visceral.


Fear. It stops most people in their tracks. Only the bravest hunters will cross into the swamp at night and hunt the largest reptiles on earth. Do you have the courage?


As I sat ready in the duck blind, staring deep in the everglades, I couldn’t help but think “We’re not in Kansas anymore.


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