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About Us

Everglades Adventures, established in 1989, is a renowned safari hunting operation dedicated to providing exceptional guided hunts in South Florida. Led by Captain Mark Clemons, a native of South Florida and a professional guide since 1986, we offer unforgettable hunting adventures for enthusiasts.

Private Land Hunts in Collier and Hendry Counties

Operating on numerous large private ranches in Collier and Hendry Counties, we offer exclusive access to thousands of acres of diverse habitats. Our private ranches boast a wide range of environments, including improved pastures, oak hammocks, swamps, marshes, lakes, pine flatwoods, and cypress strands. This variety ensures an exciting and rewarding hunting experience for our clients.

Experienced Hunting Guides and Memorable Trips

At Everglades Adventures, we take pride in our team of experienced hunting guides. With their expertise and dedication, we deliver personalized and memorable hunting trips. As a full-time safari hunting operation, we handle hundreds of hunters each year, ensuring exceptional service and attention to detail.

Wildlife Management and Florida Wildlife

We maintain an extensive wildlife management program year-round to enhance the natural habitats and promote thriving wildlife populations. Our program includes activities such as mowing, prescribed burning, and disking. Additionally, we implement a comprehensive feeding program, utilizing food plots, automatic solar-powered feeders, and free-choice feeders. This commitment to wildlife management allows us to offer extraordinary encounters with Florida's diverse wildlife.

Discover Hunting Adventures with Everglades Adventures

We invite you to explore our website and discover the many informative pages that showcase our services, hunting packages, and the incredible wildlife of South Florida. Thank you for your interest in Everglades Adventures, and we look forward to providing you with unforgettable hunting adventures.

Our Hunts

Duck and Waterfowl Hunting

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Mourning Dove Hunts

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Alligator Hunting - Private Land Hunts

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Alligator Hunting - Public Waters Hunts

Everglades Adventures offers guided alligator hunts during Florida's statewide alligator harvest…

Seminole Whitetail Deer Hunting

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Off-Site Accommodations

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On- Site Accommodations

When you choose our hunting operation, you don't have to worry about finding nearby accommodations.…

“If the devil ever raised a garden, the Everglades was it.”

James Carlos Blake


Everglades Adventures

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