Experience the Thrill of Alligator hunts in South Florida!

Join Everglades Adventures for an unparalleled alligator hunts and adventure in the wild landscapes of South Florida. Enjoy a fair chase, free-range hunt on expansive private lands where the excitement and challenge of genuine wildlife hunting awaits.

Expert Hunting Guides and Comprehensive Licensing

A Seamless Experience for your South Florida alligator Hunts

When you choose Everglades Adventures, every detail is handled—from securing all necessary licenses and permits to managing the paperwork for the alligator harvest. Our experienced guides ensure a safe and successful hunt, providing you with the expertise needed to navigate the complexities of alligator hunting.

Private Lands Alligator Hunts Packages

The Hunt

$1,750 – One full day for one person, processing not included but can be added

Standard Alligator Hunt (6-8 feet)

Trophy Hunts

$2,750 – 2 full days of hunting for one person, one night lodging and meals, client also receives processed gator hide and head

Standard Trophy Hunt (8-10 feet)

Mega Trophies

10-11 feet: $3,750.00
11-12 feet: $4,750.00
12-13 feet: $5750.00
13 feet and up: $7,500.00


Our clients are able to access processing services through our sister company, Alligators Inc.

Plan Your Alligator Hunts with Expert Guidance

If you’re ready to embark on an unforgettable alligator hunting experience in South Florida, contact Tyler Reichman at (863) 599-0086 for more details. You can also visit our the Everglades Adventures Facebook Page to see photos and updates from our recent hunts. You can also read unedited reviews from previous clients on our TripAdvisor page. Contact us to arrange your guided hunting trip and embark on a thrilling Florida wildlife adventure.

Flexible Alligator Hunts: Daytime and Nighttime Hunts

Choose Your Preferred Hunting Experience

Whether you prefer the calm of an early morning hunt or the exhilarating challenge of a nighttime adventure, we cater to all preferences. Utilize rifles or handguns during daytime hunts, or embrace the thrill of nighttime hunts with a recurve, compound bow, crossbow, or even a fishing rod, culminating with a bang stick for a secure harvest.

How We Hunt Alligators in the South Florida Swamps

Advanced Techniques and Equipment

Our hunts employ advanced methods and equipment to ensure effectiveness and safety. Hunters can use compound bows, recurve bows, and crossbows for the initial shot, equipped with a fishing reel attachment and a retrieval line of at least 200-pound test, followed by a bang stick for the final harvest

Select Your Trophy Size of your Alligator hunt

Customized South Florida Alligator Hunts to Meet Every Adventurer’s Aspiration

Everglades Adventures offers a variety of trophy sizes to satisfy every hunter:

 **Standard Hunts**: Target alligators measuring 6 to 8 feet.
**Trophy Hunts**: Go for larger alligators measuring 8 to 10 feet.
**Mega Trophies**: Challenge yourself with behemoths over 10 feet long.