Seminole Whitetail Deer Hunts in South Florida

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Everglades Adventures! As you pursue the unique deer hunts of the Seminole Whitetail, a subspecies renowned for its distinctive characteristics and native to the lush landscapes of South Florida.

What To Bring

  • Waders
  • Firearms
  • Ammo
  • Any other personal equipment you want to bring

Fair Chase Guided Hunts on Free-Range Lands

Commitment to Ethical Hunting Practices

Everglades Adventures is committed to fair chase principles, providing genuine hunts on open, free-range lands. Our hunts are strictly against high-fenced areas or canned hunts, focusing on spot and stalk methods, whether from 4WD vehicles or on foot.

High Success Rates and Exclusive Hunts

With a remarkable 100% success rate over the past seven years, our Seminole Whitetail deer hunts are limited to two hunters per session to ensure personalized attention and optimal conditions for each hunter.

Trophy White tail deer Packages

Seminole Whitetail Packages

Management Doe


$500.00 Guide Fee
$375.00 per animal

LIMIT 2 doe per person, per day (2 people minimum)


Management Buck

Average price $1,250 – $1,750

$750.00 Guide Fee
$500 – $1,000 per animal dependent on the size and age of the whitetail.

Limit 1 per person, per day (2 people max)

Trophy Buck

This Two-day hunt includes two mornings and two evening hunts. These full-day hunts last approximately four hours in the morning, then a hearty lunch and a break and then four more hours in the afternoon and evening.


Ice and taking care of the game harvested.
On-site lodging can be arranged for those interested, for an additional $150.00 per-person including meals.
Skinning and quartering of animals. The client will receive two hams, two shoulders, two tenderloins and two back loins.

$1500.00 GUIDE FEE
$200.00 per-point
Price discussed prior to harvest

Average price is $3000-$3500

LIMIT (1) per-person per season. (two people max)

Contact Us for Detailed Whitetail Deer Hunts Information

For more details on how to plan your Seminole Whitetail  deer hunts, please contact Tom Falls at

(239) 633-5871.

Tom is ready to assist you with all necessary preparations to ensure a memorable hunting trip with Everglades Adventures.




Management of Seminole Whitetail deer Hunts and What's Included

Full-Day Hunting Expeditions

Our hunts are designed as full-day experiences, comprising four hours in the morning, a hearty lunch break, followed by another four hours in the afternoon. Included in your hunt are amenities such as drinks, ice, optional on-site lodging(additional $150.00 per person, including meals), and professional handling of the game, including skinning and quartering. Each hunter will receive two hams, two shoulders, two tenderloins, and two back loins from their harvest.

Seminole Whitetail Deer Licensing and Seasons

Hunters must hold valid Florida hunting licenses and deer permits, applicable
to both residents and non-residents. Specific permits for Archery, Crossbow,
or Muzzleloader seasons may also be necessary. Comprehensive details
about licensing, costs, and purchasing can be found on the Florida Fish and
Wildlife website. Everglades Adventures operates in Zone “A”, with specific
season dates available on the site.

Preparation and What to Bring for Seminole Whitetail Deer Hunts

Recommended Gear and Clothing

To maximize your whitetail deer hunting success and comfort, we recommend:
– Camouflage clothing in a dark green pattern like Mossy Oak Full Foliage
– Waterproof knee-high hiking boots
– A firearm in a soft case, preferably a .30 caliber or higher rifle
– A cooler for storing your trophy for taxidermy
– A camera to capture the highlights of your adventure

Hunt with the best

get your hunt on

Captain Mark Clemons, our owner and a native of South Florida, has been professionally guiding hunting charters full time for over 35 years.